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2018 Action Figure Finalist

Toy of the Year Awards

If you give a girl a different toy,

she will tell a different story.™

everyone’s powers grow stronger!™

Every child should be given the tools to fight whatever…life throws in their way.”  

– Behavioral Therapist

Box of 24 Courage Action Figures


“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”
- Babe Ruth

A random assortment of 24 3 ¾ inch Courage Mystery Packs (guaranteed at least two of each figure in the series).

Definition: Courage contains: Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear.

Superpower: She employs the powers of each of the Elements of Power action figures that combine to create Courage.

The Courage series action figures are inspired by the Medieval French Heroine, Joan of Arc.



The 24 IAmElemental Courage Action Figure Mystery Packs Feature:

  • 24 Mystery Packs (guaranteed at least two of each) containing one 3 ¾ inch scale Courage action figure with 13 points of articulation
  • Molded in durable plastic, each comes with:
    • a personalized accessory (interchangeable among all 3 ¾ inch figures)
    • a shield that can also be worn as a charm 
    • two trading cards - one to keep and one to share
    • a drawstring carry bag that allows for portable play
  • Safety Tested For Ages 3 & Up 
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