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2018 Action Figure Finalist

Toy of the Year Awards

If you give a girl a different toy,

she will tell a different story.™

everyone’s powers grow stronger!™

Every child should be given the tools to fight whatever…life throws in their way.”  

– Behavioral Therapist


Julie Kerwin

Julie Kerwin is the creative superpower behind IAmElemental and pioneer of the first-ever female action figures designed specifically for girls (and boys!). Julie is a voracious researcher, prolific writer and frequent speaker on the topics of creativity in children, the power of play, and the ever-evolving nature of toys and entertainment. She is currently developing an animated series based on IAmElemental’s Elements of Power.

Before launching IAmElemental in 2013, Julie was co-owner of independent music label Club Rock Records, which began by teaching original songwriting to teenagers and grew into a full-service production company. She is a novelist and a recovering lawyer, with degrees from Wellesley College and Fordham University School of Law. 

Julie and her family live in New York City.  While she hesitates to select a favorite Superpower from her creations, her Ingenuity has helped place IAmElemental’s groundbreaking products into new hands through partnerships with organizations including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, United Through Reading, The White House and the United Nations.


Veenita Bleznak

Veenita Bleznak oversees daily operations at IAmElemental, ensuring that the company’s fundamental beliefs and positive messages are aligned with its business and growth strategies. Veenita works closely with Julie on all aspects of design, development, marketing and sales as well as exploring strategic opportunities.

A graduate of Rutgers College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Veenita has more than 25 years of advisory experience both at global law firms and in-house. Her legal practice has spanned industries including pharmaceuticals, venture investment and advisory services, technology, real estate, retail, sports, manufacturing and marketing. 

Veenita’s love for counseling and growing start-ups led her to IAmElemental, where

her professional skill set aligns perfectly with the fundamental beliefs she shares with the company: the value of self-esteem, the benefits of playing with power, and the liberation of creating your own story. A devoted “soccer mom” who lives outside Philadelphia, Veenita’s superpower is the Enthusiasm she displays both on field and off.


Angelica Carey

Angelica Carey manages media and public relations efforts for IAmElemental, helping “journo superheroes” spread the company’s message of empowerment, groundbreaking design and strength of character around the world. With a deep journalism background, she loves to connect writers with great stories.  

Angelica’s specialties include writing for both the editorial and publishing arms of media and entertainment companies, translating complicated technical concepts for a broad audience, and managing public relations for global media, entertainment and technology businesses. She also works with nonprofits supporting homeless families, the visually impaired, and the search for an HIV vaccine.

Prior to her consulting career, Angelica held senior marketing and communications positions at Official Payments Corporation, Yahoo! GeoCities, Fast Company and U.S. News & World Report. Originally from Louisiana, she and her family live in New York.  Persistence has long been her superpower, if you don’t count gumbo.


Jahaziel Minor

Jahaziel Minor is IAmElemental’s Digital Modeler/Designer, bringing the company’s female action figures from concept to breathtaking reality with an exceptional degree of design and articulation. Haz also touches all aspects of the company’s overall graphics and visual identity. 

Haz learned the art of small-scale wax sculpting after joining the toy industry in 2008. Working with LifeFormations in Cincinnati as Design Director, he oversees all design, digital modeling, mechanical design and engineering for the company’s myriad animatronic projects. He has completed digital modeling and product development projects for DreamWorks Studios, Disney, Mattel, Hasbro and Universal Studios, among others.   

Haz holds a degree in Communication Arts from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, which he credits for aiding his artistic eye as well as leading him to his current career in design. He lives in Cincinnati with his family, who wholeheartedly support his toy-crafting pursuits. His Superpower, naturally, is Creativity.