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2018 Action Figure Finalist

Toy of the Year Awards

If you give a girl a different toy,

she will tell a different story.™

everyone’s powers grow stronger!™

Every child should be given the tools to fight whatever…life throws in their way.”  

– Behavioral Therapist

Baby Bundle


“Freedom lies in being bold.”
Robert Frost

Colorful Tableware emblazoned with images of the Courage Series action figures and a Courage Board Book.

Feed Their Power! Body and Soul!



The Courage Tableware and Board Book Baby Set Features:

  • One 3-Piece Tableware Set
    • One 8 1/2” plate (salad plate size)
    • One 5” round cereal bowl
    • One 10.7 oz juice glass
    • Shatter proof
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPH, Phthalate and PVC Free
  • The Board Book defines the seven Superpowers that make up the Courage series
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